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Excellent Presentations About How To Harden WordPress

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12 Steps for Creating a Google Plus Local Business Page

Creating a Google+ Local Business Page for your company is a great start to building your company’s social media presence on the web. You can use a Google+ Local Business Page to promote company information, events, news, blog posts on the company blog, pages on your website–as well as those of partner companies, available job positions, and more.  You can also  build “circles” including your company team members and partner companies.   Creating connections via Google+ improves your company branding and may influence search engine rankings.

Some benefits of setting up a Google Plus Local Business Page will increase your company’s website traffic, leads flow, and improve revenue generated from web leads.

    1. Before setting up a Google+ business page you will need a personal Google+ account. Read this post to learn more about how to create a Google+ Personal Profile Page.
    2. Go to: http://www.google.com/+/business/ and click “Create a Google+ page.”
    3. NOTE: It is recommended that you not merge your Google+ Local Business Page with your Google Places page until such time as Google works out the bugs that are causing many errors during the merge process.  You will want to choose “Local Business or Place”

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Blog Post Best Practices For SEO

There are many things your can do inside of your blog posts to improve SEO for your company. It all starts with the topic you choose. Before creating a blog post, you will want to go out and see what popular topics are. Also keep in mind where your profits come from–you will want to keep this in mind when you choose which topic is priority to write about for your business. You can do a Google Search for popular topics related to your area of expertise as well. The topic ties in to how much traffic your blog post will get. Is it interesting and informative?

It is very important to use a keyword-rich title for your blog post. You will want to focus on making the title more informative and keyword-rich than catchy because the title has a great impact on your blog post’s SEO. How you title your blog post makes a difference in the traffic your blog post will receive on the web. Approximately 70% off your blog post’s search engine ranking comes from the title and keywords in the post.

If you reach an appropriate point in your post where a topic you are writing about

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How To Set Up Google Authorship Tags & Why They Are Important

Many bloggers are taking advantage of Google Authorship to boost their rankings in search engine results on Google. In this post, I’ll tell you about the benefits of Google Authorship and show you how to set it up on your blogs.

Google Authorship is simply the HTML mark up linking authors with all of their web content. Google is using Authorship as a tool to weed out spam from search results because Authorship tags tell Google that the post is relevant, original content created by a real person with a Google+ account.

Google shows your photo from Google+ with your result in the Google search engine results. You must have a Google+ account to use Google Authorship. An example of a listing using Google Authorship properly is below:

Authorship Preview Example

In return for using Authorship tags you can expect an SEO boost and better visibility for content you have created in search results. The benefits do not stop here. By using Google Authorship tags you are presented as an industry authority in search results. If one of your blog posts is ever stolen and republished by a spam

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Google Authorship Best Practices

Establishing Google Authorship links for your blog posts will increase the CTR (Click Through Rates) to your articles when they show up in Google search. This article will review how to set up a Google+ account, how to link to your content from your Google+ profile to verify you are the author, and will cover best practices for building your reputation as an author in your area of expertise.

The image below was part of a much longer article about the importance of Google Authorship for SEO at SEOMoz.com


Note that this bump in traffic will only occur if you have uploaded a high quality, pleasant picture of yourself to your Google+ account. If you don’t use a good professional quality photo of yourself, you may actually drive people away from your posts.

Google never reveals their search ranking algorithm, but their public statements indicate that articles that are verified with Google Authorship will likely rank higher than articles that do not have Authorship verification.

Google+ is part of a larger effort by Google to compete with Facebook to create a social media network. As SEO’s we are not speculating on

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Share Blog Posts With Google+ For Improved SEO

One of the most important parts of utilizing the benefits of Google Authorship is sharing your posts via your Google+ profile once you’ve created them. This is imperative for SEO. Each time you share your blog post on Google+, Google sees this as a new link and this helps increase your rankings. Use keywords and summarize what each post is about in your Google+ post. Also, make sure you get your colleagues, fellow bloggers, friends, etc. to share your posts with comments and short summaries as well to create new links seen by Google.

The benefits of re-posting blog posts in Google+ are:
1. More exposure to your post. Everyone in your circles will see your post in their feeds automatically when you post on Google+ (make sure it is public if you want everyone to see the post). You want to continuously build your circles with friends, family, colleagues, other companies, etc.

2. You get “link juice” every time the link is shared to your blog post. Ideally, every time you make a post you will have as many people as you can, especially the staff at your company, share the post and comment on it. Each time your

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Internet Marketing For Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Internet marketing and search engine optimization methods are constantly changing from month to month. Your staff needs to know the latest strategies to generate site traffic and leads to avoid wasting effort on useless strategies. You also need to avoid over-optimization that can result in penalties and a permanent loss of traffic. Internet marketing is not just about branding or website traffic; it is about lead generation. We focus on helping Dynamics Partners use the Internet to find real leads that will turn into sales and revenue.

Interactive Limited is a full service search engine optimization consulting company. We co-founded the ERP and CRM Software Blog programs for Dynamics partners as a cost saving effort to leverage the Microsoft Partner community. We also provide training and additional services for Partners on a contract basis. Interactive Limited currently provides Internet lead generation services for more than 100 Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. In a typical month, Interactive Limited generates over 500 leads for Microsoft Partners from blogs, white-papers, quick quote tools, SEO, and Google AdWords campaigns.

Why should you choose Interactive Limited? 1) We know the Dynamics market. 2) We don’t just offer optimization services; we train your staff to be better Internet

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Understanding & Utilizing Call Extensions in Google AdWords

Call extensions are a great feature to use in Google AdWords to improve your Clickthrough rates (CTR), but can also be a difficult feature to understand. Call extensions allow you to add your phone number to your Google AdWords ads, encouraging your customers to call your business. To set up a Call extension, simply go to the Ad extensions tab in your AdWords account, and then click +New extension. Then fill in the information to set up the Call extension. Each campaign can have only one active Call extension.

Adding a new call extension in Google AdWords

When you set up your Call extension, you have the option to use a forwarding number from Google (which includes more detailed reporting). This is called Call Metrics. Whether or not you want to use Call Metrics depends if you are targeting mobile devices or computers with your AdWords ads. The purpose of the forwarding number is to track calls when your ads appear on desktops, laptops, or tablets—which do not have the Click-to-call feature and require the phone number on the ad to be dialed manually.

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Embedding a YouTube Video Into A WordPress Post

To embed a YouTube video into a WordPress Blog, simply copy the video’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video.
Paste the URL into the windows Note Pad, then copy it from the Note Pad into your blog post. (make sure that it is not hyperlinked.)  Do NOT use the HTML editor for inserting the code into the post, use the WYSYWYG editor. If you copy directly into the blog editor from the web address bar on the YouTube page, the link may be hyperlinked and will not display the video.

Check that the video is showing up correctly in the post by clicking on the Preview button in WordPress.  If its not showing up, or if its just showing the plain text url or a hyperlinked URL troubleshoot with the following methods.

  • If the  preview shows a hyperlinked version of the URL then return to your edit screen and unlink the URL and check the preview again.
  • If its still not working correctly, tell your webmaster to check the “Auto-embeds” check box in Administration > Settings > Media SubPanel of WordPress.  If there is no check box there, your webmaster will need to upgrade WordPress to the latest version
  • Wrap the URL with the embed shortcode.

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