How To Test Rich Snippets and Submit Them to Google

So you’ve added the microformats, microdata, or RDFs necessary for creating rich snippets and now your wondering if they’re working. (Note: If you haven’t come this far, please refer to Google for info on inserting this code on your site). You’ve checked the search results for your new enhanced listings, but they’re not appearing. You wonder if it’s just too early and they’re not indexed yet, or if you’ve done something wrong. This post explains how to test your rich snippets and submit them for consideration.

The first step is to test your rich snippets to make sure they are functioning properly. Google has created a useful webmaster tool called the Rich Snippet’s Testing Tool. The tool allows you to insert a url to see how it would appear in search results. Warnings and errors are also made aware to you if there are complications with your coding. Once you sort this out, you’re on to the next step: getting Google to notice your work.

Just because you’ve gone through the motions, does not mean Google is going to include your snippets. Rich snippets not showing is common, very common. In fact, sites that rarely use rich snippets will often not even be included. That means the link with a rel=author tag you included in the author byline of a guest post on a small site that never has used snippets may never appear. Get over it. It’s probably not going to happen at this point. But know it’s there for future inclusion in case they change their minds.

But, if you’ve gone through the trouble of including this code on your entire site and it seems like you’ll be consistently including this coding from here on out, then you should push for inclusion from Google. This is an easy step. Once you’ve got your code working right, all you need to do is head over to Google and fill out a request form to notify them that you’re interested.

Then just sit back and see what happens.

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